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The Obstacle Is the Way

Sun Feb 7, 2016, 6:06 PM

"The obstacle is the way." That is the title of a book. It is more of a book about overcoming personal struggles, as opposed to taking advantage of external events, but there are a few business examples. Regardless, the spirit of the phrase is acutely applicable to creatives, because creatives have the imagination and drive to see the way and to forge ahead.

Here is a stellar example: This teen came up with a low-cost way to get plastic out of our oceans. He says, "The oceanic currents moving around is not an obstacle. It's a solution. Why move through the oceans if the oceans can move through you? … Let the rotating currents do their work." The obstacle is the way.  Source article and video.

When you see others asking the same questions or making the same complaints, over and over again, congratulations, you have identified an opportunity. A roadblock, a source of inefficiency, or a lack of something can be the perfect chance and motivation to invent something new or to fill a marketing void. Do something with it, be it for altruism or for personal profit. It doesn’t have to be something monumental, either, just a solution!

In a time when so many people are out of shape, in debt, disconnected, and unhappy, the ability to think creatively and the courage to put it into motion is key. Energy, when there are attempts to block it, will find a way around, following the new path of least resistance, like a lively river going around an old dam, brittle and crumbling over time. If you are passionate about something, let your energy do this. Circumvent outmoded misconceptions, ignore or distance yourself from negativity. Be proactive and keep moving.

Always keep this expression in the back of your mind and be on alert for opportunities. :painter:

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:iconwraithstunnerplz: :iconwraithstunnerplz: :iconwraithstunnerplz: :iconwraithstunnerplz: :iconwraithstunnerplz:

:painter: Welcome to my page of SGA Wraith fanart. Spreading the message of inclusivity and justice, told through color and light.
Beauty comes in all forms and we are all more alike than different.

:relax:A place where Wraith are shown as persons, not two-dimensional cannon fodder, in relaxed, thoughtful, romantic, or heroic settings in their own culture and environment. Starvation and genocide and wrong and Wraith deserve alternative energy sources. Their culture, style, environmentally clean bio-organic technology, and ambient hiveship lighting are fascinating to think about and to paint with vivid colors.

:love:My favorite Wraith is the one from Todd's delegation, called Bullseye by fans. I support Todd and his crew doing something by trying to generate alternative feeding solutions-- the same as I support people who try their best to do the same for all beings here on Earth, in real life, letting go of old myths, looking for cooperation and nonviolent solutions, and letting others be free from harm, so that we are the best versions of ourselves we can be. Just like businesses which benchmark and get new technology and methods from trade swaps, it is good for individuals to aim for the best choices and trade-up too. "The more I learn, the better I do, and each day I'm doing better than the last." -Tracey Stewart.

I stand up and speak on behalf of all beings. All oppressions are interrelated (racism, sexism, heterosexism, speciesism, etc.). If you think it is wrong to hurt other animals, then you already believe in being vegan too. We have everything to gain by choosing kindness and a brighter world for all and it is never too late to start a kind legacy! Former vivisectionists, butchers, and slaughterhouse workers are some of the best voices for veganism out there. Let nothing hold you back. Let's boycott cruelty together and support one another in being positive and healthy.
Sites with some healthy recipes and health advice to combat diabetes and heart disease (also combats arthritis and many cancers):……
The Chipotle method makes it easy:…

:liftingweights: by capncrakaAthletes, the vegan way helps recovery time for strength, speed, and endurance training:
Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness:
Vegan Muscle and Fitness:
Body Builders are Catching the Vegan Virus:…
Record Setting Lifter Patrik Baboumian:…
The 300 Pound Vegan NFL Player:
Vegan Athletes Series:…
Music Video with Vegan Athletes:…
Mr. Universe is Vegan:…
Compassionate Athlete Brochure:…
Spotlight on 15 Vegan Bodybuilders:…
Spotlight on 15 More Vegan…
4-Time NBA Champion's 22 Reasons To Go Vegan:…

:earth:Environmentalists, veganism majorly impacts fighting greenhouse gases, deforestation (especially rain forests), pollution, oceanic dead zones, droughts and aquifer loss, and species extinction:…
fact sheets:

Princess La by KarmillinaMothers and feminists, honor the peace and safety of the bodies of all:…
Dairy is scary, what the industry can no longer hide:…
The egg industry can't hide either:…
Nor the honey industry (bee vomit):…
Plant milks are tastier, healthier, more fun:…

Pumpkin Emote by Angelic-SakurasHelp starving children:…

:bulletblack:The "humane" myth website, exposing industry lies:
"Humane slaughter" is an oxymoron, just like slavery is still wrong even if slaves are "treated like family." There is no right way to do a morally wrong thing and it is wrong to participate in oppression of any kind. We say we want a peaceful world, we say we hate violence, we say we hate cruelty. Let’s live those values by taking violence off our plates.

:la:Stock market investment trends (Yay! It is going away as slavery went away. Let's put Hell out of business!)
Death of meat:…
Rise of plant milks:…
Rise of plant proteins:…

:butterfly:More and more people are going vegan. May all beings be free of suffering and may our children never again wrongfully be taught to harm others by oppressive industries propagating myths which harm our health, our planet, and our fellow Earthlings.

101 Reasons to go vegan video:…

More about how to transition to be vegan (free starter guides):

:star:Use of My Art: My digital Wraith art can be downloaded and enjoyed for private desktop viewing, but is not for use on other sites or for commercial purposes. This is fan art only, not-for-profit. My work may not be added to groups where sexism, nationalism, or other discrimination are supported and I will remove my art and block such groups when I find such behavior.

:star:Commenting: I don't require comments on my stuff and have comments disabled, but enjoy leaving random, supportive comments on other peoples' work promoting a better world, just because. :aww:

:star:Blocking: Troll posts will be deleted and trolls will be blocked and reported to dA staff. I'm here to offer support, help, or answer questions of genuine curiosity, but will remove comments defending or debating any type of use/abuse/violence/discrimination/hate to any beings and will also immediately block such people.

:star:Stargate Wraith Mania Fansite: My fan-made site with thousands of Wraith references and photos, remodeled for 2016:…

:iconwraithgrenadeplz: :iconwraithgrenadeplz: :iconwraithgrenadeplz: :iconwraithgrenadeplz: :iconwraithgrenadeplz:

AtlantisViaGra by BioWolff ToddOnBed by BioWolff ToddMidway by BioWolff MichelSleepwalker by BioWolff Queens by BioWolff ShepVsMichael by BioWolff QueenMegaBass by BioWolff MichaelGuitar by BioWolff MichaelMidway by BioWolff
Oh, Keep Dreaming by Mokiemorty I Support Wraith: Stamp by Down-Incognito I Support SGA: Stamp by EternallySparky space gates stamp by OmegaDreamSeeker11 Bullseye Stamp by AdaDirenni Stamp Stargate Atlantis by SevenCyn Original Wraith Queen group avatar by Hellraiser-89 SGA 'Todd' Stamp by ptsluvsnfl Misc fiction - Wraith by necromantress-stamps
Wraith Dreams by Nolamom3507 Wraith Queen Smile by Nolamom3507 Wraith Family by Nolamom3507 Wraith Hug by Nolamom3507 Wraith Running Free by Nolamom3507 Wraith Summer Fun by Nolamom3507

I Love Falling Stars Stamp by HeruNoTenchi I Love Outer Space Stamp by RaptureCyner stars by iLed Yoga Stamp by JewelOfSong Healthy Is Sexy by Morgue-Awall DA Stamp - Nature 01 by tppgraphics Stamp: I love cats by jelloween Lolcat Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Make Life Extraordinary Stamp by mylastel Recycle Stamp by SailorSolar I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 Hopeless Romantic Stamp by silber-englein Walk the STAIRS - stamp by enyon Healthy life by Claire-stamps Vegan Lubb by destructoPop DA Stamp - Care About Both 01 by tppgraphics Anti Bullying Stamp by Morgan-the-Rabbit I Love My Long Hair Stamp. by LoomingMoon2night my first stamp asian food by Joey-art Neurodiversity by Atuin I Heart Butterflies stamp by smilekeeper I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-Starfeesh I Love Keys by Segnoz Drug-free artist - Stamp by JWiesner Never apologize for your art by quazo Adoption Saves Two Lives by FelisTipsy Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose As You Wish by AlainaBrown I dont support fur trading by RanStamps Fireflies Stamp by 2e35r78 Stop Animal Abuse Stamp by pillze69 Spay And Neuter Stamp by stampsbyjesper Abuse is Wrong D: by Kaishiru glowy things stamp by pengirl389265 Universe Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Science Fiction by ashesto .:: Animal Rights Stamp V2 ::. by loneantarcticwolf Say No to Squishing by savagebinn Feel The Sunshine stamp by smilekeeper Dream stamp by smilekeeper I Love Waterfalls stamp by smilekeeper Intelligence is Sexy by debbieART Proud Vegan Stamp by MeaninglessTheories Pro-Life by FairyLoffy You pick your own! by Flameshadow117 Starry Stamp by Mel-Rosey Add A Little Color Stamp by Fleana Moonlit Night Stamp by Seiorai Northern Lights Stamp by devils-horizon Habitat Conservation Stamp by PixieSabre So Many Books by LaPurr I Heart Pretty Rocks Stamp by fishtankbabe Kindness Stamp by Ryugexu heart sunsets stamp by izka197



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